About the exhibition series

The first ‘collaboration’ was with Professor John Baldessari. The second was with Ryan Gander in which the students traced the conceptual development in recent decades through the appropriation of Peter Fischli and David Weiss in Gander’s work. The Yoshua Okon exhibition was the third of this series, and interrogated the in terms of the power structure and economic exploitation. The fourth edition of the series will reflect on the issues of labour in the face of globalization and provide the students with an opportunity to take a closer look to the ways these issues are dealt by contemporary artists. The students will also learn the theoretical development of eco-political discourse through the writings by Karl Marx (‘Das Capital, ’ 1867), Walter Benjamin (‘On the Concept of History,’ 1940), David Harvey (neoliberal economy) and Gayatri Spivak (‘”Can the Subaltern Speak?’ 1988) among others to foster their understanding by reflecting historical perspectives into the reality of today.

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