Bedtime for Democracy

「Bedtime for Democracy」のアイキャッチ画像

KAG 1-2-3 Achi, Kurashiki, Okayama
26 June – 28 Aug 2022
BUoY 49-11 Senjyunakacho,Adachi-ku, Tokyo
17 Sep – 25 Sep 2022

On their album “Bedtime for Democracy”, the American punk rock band The Dead Kennedys shouted that they were living in “Babylon’s mirage conveyor belt of fleshdunce” in “electric fences for those prison camps they call homelands,” which sang of the unsung complicity of democracy and capitalism.
The title of the album given to this exhibition comes from the 1951 comedy film starring Ronald Reagan “Bedtime for Bonzo” and is an indictment of Reaganomics, neo-liberalism, war, information overload, the entertainment industry (leisure and consumption), and machoism and its sham rebellion. At the same time, it suggests a concern for those at the margin, for refugees and queer people.
With these perspectives, the project will present an exhibition by ten artists, activists and philosophers. The works suggest a breakdown in the political mythology of democracy, illuminating the marginalised whose voices are drowned out by the current questioning of the decision-making process in democracy. Also, from a geopolitical perspective, the project takes up works that illuminate the dispersion and sharing of power within groups, starting from popular disobedience, and explores how we can regain the sovereignty that has been taken away from democracy by principles of neoliberalism. We will also look at how democracy can be transformed into a politics of resistance.



アメリカのパンクロックバンド、デッドケネディーズは、アルバム「ベッドタイム・フォー・デモクラシー」のなかで「電気フェンスが必要な“祖国 ” と呼ばれる収容所」の中で「バビロンの蜃気楼やベルトコンベアのような肉弾戦を生きている」と叫び、民主主義と資本主義の分かち難い共犯性を歌いました。
本展に付けられたアルバムタイトルは、ロナルド・レーガンが主演した1951年のコメディ映画「Bedtime for Bonzo」に由来しており、レーガノミクスをはじめとして、新自由主義、戦争、メディアの氾濫、娯楽産業(余暇と消費)、マッチョイズム、それらへの見せかけの反抗への糾弾が叫ばれます。そして難民やクィアへの擁護といった、周縁への配慮も示唆します。



Leticia Agudo
Nuotama Bodomo
Lizzie Borden
Bread & Puppet Theater
Wendy Brown
Naomi Klein
Toshio Matsumoto
Martha Rosler
Winston Smith
Heiny Srour



ブレッド&パペット シアーター



6月26日ー7月13日  Leticia Agudo, Bread & Puppet Theater, Nuotama Bodomo
7月14日ー8月1日  Nuotama Bodomo,Martha Rosler, Lizzie Borden
8月1日ー8月20日  Lizzie Borden, Toshio Matsumoto, Heiny Srour
6月26日ー8月20日 Naomi Klein, Winston Smith, Wendy Brown


Organized by: Kounoske Kawakami Laboratory, Kako Kishimoto (BUoY)
Curator: Kounosuke Kawakami
Corporate support: Kurabiz Co., Ltd

協賛: 株式会社クラビズ

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